Krishna and Bhishma Conversation Part 2:

So in the last part we ended on a note where Krishna asks Peetamaah why he should always be blamed.

Let us continue.

Part 2

Peetamaah looks taken aback by sudden reactionary statements by Krishna. He tries to placate Lord Krishna he says “No Krishna I am not saying you are entirely responsible but somewhere aren’t we all?”
Krishna smiles “Yes we all are I am too included.

Relieved that Krishna smiled and thus symbolizing that conversation continues Peetamaah says “Let’s walk a little back towards the trees.” Now sun had risen full and the earth was shining in its light. “World is being torn apart Krishna, Mahabharata just proves how and when that fire starts, it just gallops and burns everything.

Krishna” Wouldn’t I know that Peetamaah, you are correct, but wise men would prevail and thus stop the destruction.

Peetamaah wondered and said “How many wise are left?, seeing backwards I thought Dhritarashtra was wise too but now it seems he was most unwise person

Krishna “He was what his character was Peetamaah, blinded by the love for his son and power for whole kingdom.

Peetamaah “The world is changing as time is changing. Oh time is a complex concept; how very mystique!

Krishna “It is, it neither has start nor the end, it is seamless and infinite, as the time will pass the world will change, nature evolves and being the part of that humans will also, but it is not the time for us to talk on the subject of TIME.”

Peetamaah let go the time topic in is mind and digressing questions “Will this war teach a lesson?

Krishna “Everything that happens teaches us the lesson, but again it is up to us whether to learn from it or not. Wise will understand it, revere it and fools would still keep on asking questions.

Peetamaah “What will world think of me Krishna? An old fool or a great warrior or a person who couldn’t keep his family together

Krishna smiles a little, one of the features of Krishna is his smile, the one that always says “knows it all”
World has, is and will always think of you as ‘Peetamaah‘, what would they evaluate of you I don’t know but I think you will be spared in comparison to Dhritarashtra and others.

Bhishma bowed his head, nodded a little and said “hmm look at me Krishna I, who has never bowed in front of anyone even, won a war against my own guru Parshuram, today kneeling to understand how the history will judge me.

Krishna walks further stares towards the vast grounds “You shouldn’t worry about history judging you Peetamaah, you shouldn’t! You never broke the oath.”

Bhishma made more serious face “Huh, but you said I became too egoistic about them.

Krishna turned around and smiled “Yes I did, but I also said you were not wrong in taking those oaths, and worrying about it now isn’t going to change anything, and it is not in our hands what future will make of us.

Bhishma also walked towards Krishna looking straight towards him questioned “I know, but don’t you sometime wonder what people will think of your actions, or how will they judge you.

Krishna laughed a little “No, because I served my purpose, and it was righteous, I have done my duty, now how people will judge me or what will they make of me, thinking that is not my job, fulfilling the purpose is important, and hence I don’t wonder Peetamaah.

Bhishma “Ohh you are an ultimate Personality.

The conversation will continue in the next part.


Please see the above post is an imagination of thoughts.

World and Life

World is a complex place. It has its own way of working. But life that exists on earth is multi-dimensional and hence has its own necessities and requirement. Sometimes there is clash between world and life. Both cannot remain independently, for both have to co-exist. People’s mind work on a very different level their emotions ranges from being hurtles cold psychos to heart full fools caring for every other person. If life is a journey then what matters is; how do you carry yourself in this world. Creating new impressions and leaving a mark is a sign of great people. Not every great person becomes famous but they exist everywhere; in someone’s heart or in someone’s mind. Learning through every experience and going forward in this journey is what we have in our control. Destiny is personal belief. But leaving a mark is universal. World is complex yet wonderful; Life is complex yet a great force; realities are stranger yet acceptable; dreams can run wild and imaginations can cross horizon. World and life is a mixture of what you make of it.

Concept of Soul

There are things which are beyond the confines of universe; things which have no physical dimension or the dimensions cannot be understood by our intellect. 3 dimensions exist at the most 4 dimensions that we are completely aware of. But beyond that there may be innumerable dimensions.

But something that is or has been beyond our understanding is Soul, which exists very much into the confines of our 3d/4d world, but extends beyond that. Quite a curious case it is of understanding the soul, like death. It is said death is an ultimate truth, but phenomenon still puts the most intellect mind in wonderment. So coming back to soul, which is a very different phenomenon which neither undergoes birth  nor death, which is timeless and infinite.

Does Soul exist or not? If it does how do we recognize it? What does Science believe and what does Religion believe.
Soul breaks? Can it but let’s say it has, because unless I know it can break I won’t be able to know that it was unbroken or total. For example let us say I exist but I won’t be able to say it unless I know you exist because I am observing you and you are observing me. My observation of the world makes me realize that I am part of it. (The concept of observer and observation is given in Rig-Veda; also it is mentioned in the book called ‘Mythia’ by Devdutt patnaik)

So is the case with soul if we want to evaluate it. So let us say the soul breaks, the dimensions of soul are beyond the understanding of human mind, beyond time and space; where the consciousness of an observer is so unaware of itself that definitions of reality and imagination do not exist. The cosmos, the space time curvature, the center where God abodes according to Hindu scriptures called ‘Vishnunabhi.’

How do you fix a thing like this when it is broken? The origin of soul is here in above mentioned paragraph. Now understand the importance of it being total; how powerful it is having its origin at the center of universe. Every soul has its origin here, and hence every soul is equal; so equally powerful.  A quantum leap of understanding would be required to fix such a broken entity. A quantum science which is being researched and applied in physics would it connect to metaphysics or have its application here. A branch of science called Noetic Science studies such things in deep.

If Artificial Intelligence is developed in its full-fledged form would it be able to solve this case or apply its knowledge in metaphysical and invade into the mysteries of soul, death and so on. Great minds like Krishna or Buddha have always known the truth; their intellect was so much that they were aware of everything around them and in the universe. How were those minds developed; how did they achieve that intellect; can a normal human being achieve it.

When I speak of mind, I speak of soul too because they are both connected. The greatness of them was that they could observe themselves that is their soul within. In simple words they could self-assess at very high level by observation. How can we understand the consciousness of a mind that can observe itself objectively? The awareness of such observers makes us feel god. Hence Krishna and Buddha are not humans but GODS.
But in eternity what is the difference, what is soul made up of, what is mind made up of? Tesla said everything is light; and light is energy; so what are these energies that make mind and soul? And if they are energies than surely their state level would change, so humans achieving higher level of energy become Gods? What is this energy, what form it has or it is created by conscious minds who have already reached higher level. Isn’t it a curious question to be raised?

Soul formation and deformation it can be explored infinitely.

Krishna and Bhishma conversation Part 1:


On the shores of Ganges the two most intellectual men are standing facing the river. One is illuminating bright light like sun and one is completely white. Both are so powerful that there energy is repelling each other. They are looking at the horizon. Distantly Sun is rising; the saffron color spreading the sky. Bhishma is standing with his hands intertwined with each other in the back, posture is straight and looking ahead, like he has selected his target to throw an arrow towards it. He looks little worried, little anxious but still quite confident. Krishna the god of the world is calm, also looking ahead, he is not worried at all and as usual there is a smile on his face; a smile that says he knows it all.

Looking towards Krishna Bhishma says “Ganges look beautiful today. I am proud to say that my Mother flows this great earth since ancient times and has fulfilled man’s need like a true mother does.”

Krishna “Yes indeed, Peetamaah”, Bhishma wonders “Peetamaah? You are greater person than me Krishna; I don’t deserve to be called Peetamaah by you.

“No you are and will always remain Peetamaah to Pandavas, kauravas, me and world” replied Krishna.

Peetamaah smiles and says “Huh.. But I did not act as Peetamaah when needed. I did not stop Dhritarashtra while he was pampering his Son Duryodhan. I did not stop Duryodhan, Shakuni and all his servile people when they tried to kill Pandavas in Lakshyagruh. I did not stop Draupadi when she was brought in palace as a slave and was undressed for entertainment. How then I can deserve to be called Peetamaah. Hey Krishna.”

Krishna looks into the Ganges and says “You had no control over how the sons of Dhritarashtra would turn out to be and about Draupadi, yes you could have done lot, you could have stopped the game at, but alas you did not; you know why? because of dilemma. The dilemma of yours; the dilemma that whether the rules of the game are more ethical than the ethics of humankind itself. The dilemma that the game that has been fixed between two groups should it be continued? The dilemma that where the line needs to be drawn? The dilemma caused an indecision. Indecision is the most harmful thing in the world Peetamaah, A decision even though wrong would be fine but indecision is like a rotten thing that does nothing.”

Peetamaah looks away into the Sun “Yes you are right indecision and dilemma. My life I have spent that way, I took an oath and stuck to it like honeybee to a honeycomb but what it caused was disastrous. But was I wrong to take any oath, Krishna”

Krishna again smiles “Peetamaah taking oath is not wrong, sticking to it is never. But then again the question is of where to draw the line. If a human being is suffering than should the oath come in between; what action does person take? Helping that human is more important but we egoistic self-obsessed people always need to prove a point of greatness of our character that we forget to see clearly what is in front of us.”

Peetamaah looks concerned “I self-obsessed Krishna, I who have given all the material happiness and took an oath to save this Kingdom till I die; is self-obsessed person.”

Krishna laughs nods his head and says “Here is the trick, you took an oath to save the kingdom which is unquestionable I must say, but you took it thinking it may form a great tradition and would rise your name to greater level which it did, but it has its consequences. You know it very well. And thus again you face the dilemma of thinking has your life been worth?”

Peetamaah puts his head down “has it? I should have put an end to the fight between kauravas and Pandavas, but my allegiance to Kingdom made me a fool to think that I was on right track.”

Krishna says, “Power is a terrible thing, it is infatuous; you had power over many things but you chose to rather be with your kingdom even though knowing that it was wrong.”

Peetamaah “Yes looking back I think so. Hey Krishna look at the world all destroyed with terrible things, power in wrong hands, how unwise it is to think that we know it all.”

Krishna “Indeed, no one can know it all not even me. It solely depends on actions what its consequences will be. I can only know what individuals are and how can they act, I can tweak things but again taking the action is in the hands of the people, I cannot and will not do that for them.”

For the first time Peetamaah has a smile on his face one that says “Ohh I know what you are talking about” Laughing a little Peetamaah says to Krishna “defending are we, ourselves for not being accountable for the Great War.  You could have stopped the war, you could have avoided it. You the greatest know war is not the solution, it is not the end of anything, just destruction.”

Krishna smiles back and says “How easy for you to put blame on me. God creates and man destroys, why I should have to do anything when the actions of men brought them this day. It is the action that has consequences. I know what is right and wrong Peetamaah. But did Pandavas? Did Kauravas? And yes I would even question Pandavas. Draupadi was not some object that was thrown away in game of dice. She was a person and a woman of honor; it was wrong for Yudhistara to do so; and he did not have right to put his brothers at stake also. But he did and thus therein lays his weakness. But Pandavas suffered their fate, and Duryodhan had to suffer his. I was no one to stop the war, even though I tried my best, remember I came to Hastinapura with a peace message. But no one dared to stand in front of Duryodhan and accept it. So why blame me Peetamaah. Why me?”

The conversation will continue in the next part.

Part 2

PS: the above post is just a hypothetical scene.


Pleased to meet you!!

A budding writer has many thoughts in mind; he or she wants to let those put on paper anyhow, it is a mixture of feelings when you start writing for the first time, you are overwhelmed by how much you can write and you also want to see the reaction of people around you. Well similar is the case with the person who has written the following post. I was glad to publish it on my blog with an instruction of anonymity.


“Hello is for the first time that I am playing a role as a writer.. don’t have much of an experience.. but play every role in your life for the first time..

Well to Start with…while in our childhood we were  crazy about cartoon characters… there was name a few..but they were  a world to us…they took us to a different world..surrounded by lot of mischief.. care…laughter…and so on..

The way these characters make a series wonderful.. so are the characters which exists in our life.. I believe each person in life.. has a purpose to serve in our life.Our life would have been so bland without they add..and teach us the true meaning of life..

Some are dramatic..some romantic… some companions for the lifetime.. some are just there to make you realize your life.I meant in both ways…

I do have a lot of interesting characters in my life.. and they have their own uniqueness.. to add..but sometimes its difficult to manage
The game..the game I am referring here is about emotions… the battleground where..some emotions win where else some loose..

Every character symbolizes an emotion..connects you to it…influences your decision.. and that is when you are being unveiled to the realize your stand in their life..

Mind you..they also make you grow from within..with the experiences they bring on to the plate…

They bring in each and every emotion out of you…they make you live that moment..some are damn comforting well some are of extreme ends..

But you know what drives us to be with these people. is the sense of belonging…they make us feel that we have all the happiness in our world…they balance our life with the  essence of emotions  they have to offer us… they have the power to make us laugh and cry as well..bring the best and the worst out of us..

For I love to interact with ..unknown people..which some of my friends  bit risky….let it be the bus drivers..or the rickshawalas..or the tapriwala…to converse with them is a different experience.. they have a kind of unpolished touch which make them unique…..that innocence..that simplicity.. the way they see the world…their experiences..make us realize the soul within us…These people are just passersby.. but in journey of life the people around us family, friends, companions, partners are a connection for eternity.

Must say in the end life is a journey.. that gives us an opportunity to add as much essence we can to other’s life..”


“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in human mind is curiosity” – Edmund Burke. Indeed How true…!! , right through the Ages people have tried to define life, but something which always has been the aspect of definition is curiosity, the reason behind defining life itself is curiosity about it.
Ironically Curiosity is one distinctive character which every person shares, how far we exercise it, is a matter of personal concern, but something that drives us is curiosity. Every emotion that humans are capable of expressing has an underlying part of curiosity attached to it. Every great person that has lived on this earth has quoted importance of curiosity in our lives. Right from the childhood to an old age, in whatever direction we move largely depends on this quality of curiousness. In the 21st  century technology oriented world this aspect, quality or emotion has become more and more discernible. The discoveries the innovations the inventions are nothing but outcomes of curious minds.
I really feel that even the scientists are more driven by curiosity than science itself. Curiosity develops interest, interest develops choices, and the choices that we make, makes us. If we really want to lead a driven life, a passionate life than we have to be curious. Everything in the world is driven by this great natural, innate sense or force. The world revolves around this, and there would be hardly any person that disagrees with it.
Imagine what world would be like without it, it would be like a body without a soul, a mind without thoughts, and life without goal. Something that each and every one of us must always nurture is curiosity, I wonder how one would live without it. As Albert Einstein once said “Never lose the Holy Curiosity”.
So Be Curious.

Acting by Choice

Sitting across the table, gazing out of the window, with a coffee mug in my hand sometimes I feel I am thinking something deep, philosophical. How my life is taking turns, how it has come to this, failures, success, happy moments, sad moments, terrible, terrifying, well and many more verbs and adjectives. But at the end I realize all I do is measuring my life in terms of adjectives that do not mean anything in far above of everything where there is just eternity and nothing else. Why do we do that, why do we try to measure everything that happens to us, why can’t we just live as life goes  day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second. As said in Bhagwad Geeta by Lord Krishna just do your Work, just Act Right, and don’t think of whether you will succeed or fail. Well at the end of the trail of thoughts I feel stupid, I feel idiot to have thought all those things, because life does not change JUST by thinking, It changes when you act, when you make decisions.

But again one can’t stop thinking; one must not stop thinking because sometimes that is what makes us sane person. I always remember this one little thing; I travel by local trains in Mumbai extensively. I travel to my office daily, while returning I always find few poor children begging in that particular boogie, always the same ones. It’s true if you’re a regular traveler in Mumbai locals on any one route you may often find same poor people begging every day, it’s a fact! So coming back these small little children beg every day and I watch them, observe them, frankly speaking I sometimes give them money and sometimes I  don’t. But they move me. There’s a twinge of pain I feel every time when I see them. I just can’t imagine how they live, with few coins everyday what do they eat, what goals they can have. What ambitions they can achieve. What possibly is there life!!!! For some people it may be mundane thing but for me every day it is a painful experience.
Now when I juxtapose my situation and this situation , how do I even have a right to have those hypocritical fancy philosophical thoughts of measuring life’s parameter when there are people in this world who don’t even have privilege of sitting and thinking,  who have to beg for their food, who have to beg  for  shelter. Then I think we have been delinquent in upbringing such struggling people as a society. Sometimes I just can’t get acquiesce to the idea that I have to live my life and certain underprivileged class of people will have to live there’s. We as a society or I as a person hopes that someday there will be a balance in society   or such class of people will surely get help. But then sometimes HOPE is just amother fancy word.
Unless we inculcate on minds of one another that unless we stand up and help, that unless we as a society make decision that something needs to be done, I feel nothing will change. There has to be some conscious effort from us rather than just blaming the governance and government for it. Envisaging that “everything will be fine” picture at the end does not change present day’s fact. I feel that is the essence of ACTION as above mentioned lesson from Bhagwad Geeta. Yes you don’t worry about results, don’t expect them but it is our choice what work we do, what actions we take, decisions we make.
With this trail of memory I go back to the work I was doing. You know as they say in French c’est la vie, and life goes on. But I believe someday we have to change, we must; at least I will, by making right decision; right choice.