Calling – On a Journey of Purpose

via Daily Prompt: Calling


“Life without a purpose, is like body without a soul.”
We set ambitions, targets and goals in our lives, but what really matters is the purpose. The purpose is a journey, on this journey you feel most alive. It is like the moment of ‘this is it.’ Walking with a purpose -that is life, it is above all. In this vast wide world very few realize their purpose and most of us are attracted towards materialistic goals. If we invest our time in understanding the purpose of life, get on that boat, or on a train, a spaceship maybe and take this journey then we have felt the true CALLING.

A Calling that one may say of GOD or DESTINY or self made, but it is a moment of understanding that “my life means something and it means this.” The whole idea of purpose is not to suck ourselves into pretentious spirituality but understand what we live for and feel the CALLING for it. To be that someone is a true CALLING and that happens on a journey of your purpose.