havelock (2)-01

Wander into nature, that is vast and deep;
Explore for it teaches us great things.
Climb the peaks and dive deep into the ocean,
for that is the victory of mind and soul.
Explore and let all go,
Don’t hold onto anything;
for it was never yours.
Explore and hear the swooshing sound of trees;
for they speak the language of love.
Explore, for it is you to reveal the secrets of nature.
Go on, move on, run into, swim fast,
laugh along, cry hard!
Be calm, be at peace.
Explore and you will know;
for what you are meant to be.






Is there a way out? Is there a way out? To what you are and what you want to be? It is quite easy to stay comfortable at one place and not do anything than to be taken over by instinct, by intuition and choose to act on it. Isn’t everything about making choices? The choice to act on what you feel, the choice to sway it away and not do anything be as it is, may as it may. But why not take that leap of faith.Why not walk on that rope, why not have a trust in yourself? Choose to act as you feel, as your heart points and mind directs. Say yes to yourself! Go jump out that window for it is the only one to reach outside. Get rid from those dilemmas and thousand questions. Choose! Choose yourself! Choose yo be what you want to be! And then you will see the wonders that would happen, life that will be explored and you will not just breathe but live!!

After a Long time

Hello Folks who all are the followers for Mindpandora, its been a while since I have posted a blog. I couldn’t post due to some reasons, but now I am back with lots in store, in coming months I will publish other parts of Krishna and Bhishma blog, one blog on my travel experience and other blogs on current trends. To make up for the time right now I’l publish just a small post but promise you there’s lot to come. Keep hanging and Keep reading my blog posts.

Thank you!