Krishna and Bhishma Conversation Part 2:

So in the last part we ended on a note where Krishna asks Peetamaah why he should always be blamed.

Let us continue.

Part 2

Peetamaah looked taken aback by sudden reactionary statements by Krishna. He tried to placate Lord Krishna he said “No Krishna I am not saying you are entirely responsible but somewhere aren’t we all?”
Krishna smiles “Yes we all are me too.

Relieved that Krishna smiled and thus symbolizing that conversation continues Peetamaah said “Let’s walk a little back towards the trees.” Now sun had risen full and the earth was shining in its light. “World is being torn apart Krishna, Mahabharata just proves how and when that fire starts, it just gallops and burns everything.

Krishna” Wouldn’t I know that Peetamaah? you are correct, but wise men would prevail and thus stop the destruction.

Peetamaah wondered and said “How many wise are left?, seeing backwards I thought Dhritarashtra was wise too but now it seems he was most unwise person

Krishna “He was what his character was Peetamaah, blinded by the love for his son and power for whole kingdom.

Peetamaah “The world is changing as time is changing. Oh time is a complex concept; how very mystique!

Krishna “It is, it neither has start nor the end, it is seamless and infinite, as the time will pass, the world will change, nature evolves and being the part of that humans will also, but it is not the time for us to talk on the subject of TIME.”

Peetamaah let go the time topic in his mind and digressing questioned “Will this war teach a lesson?

Krishna “Everything that happens teaches us the lesson, but again it is up to us whether to learn from it or not. Wise will understand it, revere it and fools would still keep on asking questions.

Peetamaah “What will world think of me Krishna? An old fool or a great warrior or a person who couldn’t keep his family together

Krishna smiles a little, one of the features of Krishna is his smile, the one that always says “knows it all”
World has, is and will always think of you as ‘Peetamaah‘, what would they evaluate of you I don’t know but I think you will be spared in comparison to Dhritarashtra and others.

Bhishma bowed his head, nodded a little and said “hmm look at me Krishna I, who has never bowed in front of anyone even, won a war against my own guru Parshuram, today kneeling to understand how the history will judge me.

Krishna walks further stares towards the vast grounds “You shouldn’t worry about history judging you Peetamaah, you shouldn’t! You never broke the oath.”

Bhishma made more serious face “Huh, but you said I became too egoistic about them.

Krishna turned around and smiled “Yes I did, but I also said you were not wrong in taking those oaths, and worrying about it now isn’t going to change anything, and it is not in our hands what future will make of us.

Bhishma also walked towards Krishna looking straight towards him questioned “I know, but don’t you sometime wonder what people will think of your actions, or how will they judge you.

Krishna laughed a little “No, because I served my purpose, and it was righteous, I have done my duty, now how people will judge me or what will they make of me, thinking that is not my job, fulfilling the purpose is important, and hence I don’t wonder Peetamaah.

Bhishma “Ohh you are an ultimate Personality.

The conversation will continue in the next part.


Please see the above post is an imagination of thoughts.


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