World and Life

World is a complex place. It has its own way of working. But life that exists on earth is multi-dimensional and hence has its own necessities and requirement. Sometimes there is clash between world and life. Both cannot remain independently, for both have to co-exist. People’s mind work on a very different level their emotions ranges from being heartless cold psychos to heart full fools caring for every other person. If life is a journey then what matters is; how do you carry yourself in this world. Creating new impressions and leaving a mark is sign of a great person. Not every great person becomes famous but they exist everywhere; in someone’s heart or in someone’s mind. Learning through every experience and going forward in this journey is what we have in our control. Destiny is personal belief. But leaving a mark is universal. World is complex yet wonderful; Life is complex yet a great force; realities are stranger yet acceptable; dreams can run wild and imaginations can cross horizon. World and life is a mixture of what you make of it.


Author: ajinkyaw

I am an Engineer by profession. Being an Engineer I am curious person; always trying to learn new things especially new technologies I believe life is passing through phases. Each phase teaches us something. The most important part is to have a purpose. Life without purpose is like body without soul. That is philosophy of my life. My interests include, travelling, exploring new places, trekking and other adventurous activities, reading, and various sports like chess, badminton and cricket.

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