World and Life

World is a complex place. It has its own way of working. But life that exists on earth is multi-dimensional and hence has its own necessities and requirement. Sometimes there is clash between world and life. Both cannot remain independently, for both have to co-exist. People’s mind work on a very different level their emotions ranges from being heartless cold psychos to heart full fools caring for every other person. If life is a journey then what matters is; how do you carry yourself in this world. Creating new impressions and leaving a mark is sign of a great person. Not every great person becomes famous but they exist everywhere; in someone’s heart or in someone’s mind. Learning through every experience and going forward in this journey is what we have in our control. Destiny is personal belief. But leaving a mark is universal. World is complex yet wonderful; Life is complex yet a great force; realities are stranger yet acceptable; dreams can run wild and imaginations can cross horizon. World and life is a mixture of what you make of it.


Concept of Soul

There are things which are beyond the confines of universe; things which have no physical dimension or the dimensions cannot be understood by our intellect. 3 dimensions exist at the most 4 dimensions that we are completely aware of. But beyond that there may be innumerable dimensions.

But something that is or has been beyond our understanding is Soul, which exists very much into the confines of our 3d/4d world, but extends beyond that. Quite a curious case it is of understanding the soul, like death. It is said death is an ultimate truth, but phenomenon still puts the most intellect mind in wonderment. So coming back to soul, which is a very different phenomenon which neither undergoes birth  nor death, which is timeless and infinite.

Does Soul exist or not? If it does how do we recognize it? What does Science believe and what does Religion believe.
Soul breaks? Can it but let’s say it has, because unless I know it can break I won’t be able to know that it was unbroken or total. For example let us say I exist but I won’t be able to say it unless I know you exist because I am observing you and you are observing me. My observation of the world makes me realize that I am part of it. (The concept of observer and observation is given in Rig-Veda; also it is mentioned in the book called ‘Mythia’ by Devdutt patnaik)

So is the case with soul if we want to evaluate it. So let us say the soul breaks, the dimensions of soul are beyond the understanding of human mind, beyond time and space; where the consciousness of an observer is so unaware of itself that definitions of reality and imagination do not exist. The cosmos, the space time curvature, the center where God abodes according to Hindu scriptures called ‘Vishnunabhi.’

How do you fix a thing like this when it is broken? The origin of soul is here in above mentioned paragraph. Now understand the importance of it being total; how powerful it is having its origin at the center of universe. Every soul has its origin here, and hence every soul is equal; so equally powerful.  A quantum leap of understanding would be required to fix such a broken entity. A quantum science which is being researched and applied in physics would it connect to metaphysics or have its application here. A branch of science called Noetic Science studies such things in deep.

If Artificial Intelligence is developed in its full-fledged form would it be able to solve this case or apply its knowledge in metaphysical and invade into the mysteries of soul, death and so on. Great minds like Krishna or Buddha have always known the truth; their intellect was so much that they were aware of everything around them and in the universe. How were those minds developed; how did they achieve that intellect; can a normal human being achieve it.

When I speak of mind, I speak of soul too because they are both connected. The greatness of them was that they could observe themselves that is their soul within. In simple words they could self-assess at very high level by observation. How can we understand the consciousness of a mind that can observe itself objectively? The awareness of such observers makes us feel god. Hence Krishna and Buddha are not humans but GODS.
But in eternity what is the difference, what is soul made up of, what is mind made up of? Tesla said everything is light; and light is energy; so what are these energies that make mind and soul? And if they are energies than surely their state level would change, so humans achieving higher level of energy become Gods? What is this energy, what form it has or it is created by conscious minds who have already reached higher level. Isn’t it a curious question to be raised?

Soul formation and deformation it can be explored infinitely.