Daily Prompt: Facade

via Daily Prompt: Facade
What lies in front does not necessarily presents what lies inside. The beautiful facade might just be deceptive. It is an age old argument that should we trust what we see? But experience shows that you need to dig deeper to understand what actually things are. It so happens that facade sometimes may just be a mask. Hence I would say beauty lies within. Facades can be well decorated, well built and they may just attract you just like a face of a beautiful woman. But what lies inside that smile, the struggle, the strive, the pain she has gone through, one needs to explore that to understand completely the smile that has been put on and not get swayed just by beauty of it. Because if one is not courageous enough to understand fully the soul that resides inside the facade than one must not proceed further.


Author: ajinkyaw

I am an Engineer by profession. Being an Engineer I am curious person; always trying to learn new things especially new technologies I believe life is passing through phases. Each phase teaches us something. The most important part is to have a purpose. Life without purpose is like body without soul. That is philosophy of my life. My interests include, travelling, exploring new places, trekking and other adventurous activities, reading, and various sports like chess, badminton and cricket.

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