Krishna and Bhishma conversation Part 1:


On the shores of Ganges the two most intellectual men are standing facing the river. One is illuminating bright light like sun and one is completely white. Both are so powerful that there energy is repelling each other. They are looking at the horizon. Distantly Sun is rising; the saffron color spreading the sky. Bhishma is standing with his hands intertwined with each other in the back, posture is straight and looking ahead, like he has selected his target to throw an arrow towards it. He looks little worried, little anxious but still quite confident. Krishna the god of the world is calm, also looking ahead, he is not worried at all and as usual there is a smile on his face; a smile that says he knows it all.

Looking towards Krishna Bhishma says “Ganges look beautiful today. I am proud to say that my Mother flows this great earth since ancient times and has fulfilled man’s need like a true mother does.”

Krishna “Yes indeed, Peetamaah”, Bhishma wonders “Peetamaah? You are greater person than me Krishna; I don’t deserve to be called Peetamaah by you.

“No you are and will always remain Peetamaah to Pandavas, kauravas, me and world” replied Krishna.

Peetamaah smiles and says “Huh.. But I did not act as Peetamaah when needed. I did not stop Dhritarashtra while he was pampering his Son Duryodhan. I did not stop Duryodhan, Shakuni and all his servile people when they tried to kill Pandavas in Lakshyagruh. I did not stop Draupadi when she was brought in palace as a slave and was undressed for entertainment. How then I can deserve to be called Peetamaah. Hey Krishna.”

Krishna looks into the Ganges and says “You had no control over how the sons of Dhritarashtra would turn out to be and about Draupadi, yes you could have done lot, you could have stopped the game at, but alas you did not; you know why? because of dilemma. The dilemma of yours; the dilemma that whether the rules of the game are more ethical than the ethics of humankind itself. The dilemma that the game that has been fixed between two groups should it be continued? The dilemma that where the line needs to be drawn? The dilemma caused an indecision. Indecision is the most harmful thing in the world Peetamaah, A decision even though wrong would be fine but indecision is like a rotten thing that does nothing.”

Peetamaah looks away into the Sun “Yes you are right indecision and dilemma. My life I have spent that way, I took an oath and stuck to it like honeybee to a honeycomb but what it caused was disastrous. But was I wrong to take any oath, Krishna”

Krishna again smiles “Peetamaah taking oath is not wrong, sticking to it is never. But then again the question is of where to draw the line. If a human being is suffering than should the oath come in between; what action does person take? Helping that human is more important but we egoistic self-obsessed people always need to prove a point of greatness of our character that we forget to see clearly what is in front of us.”

Peetamaah looks concerned “I self-obsessed Krishna, I who have given all the material happiness and took an oath to save this Kingdom till I die; is self-obsessed person.”

Krishna laughs nods his head and says “Here is the trick, you took an oath to save the kingdom which is unquestionable I must say, but you took it thinking it may form a great tradition and would rise your name to greater level which it did, but it has its consequences. You know it very well. And thus again you face the dilemma of thinking has your life been worth?”

Peetamaah puts his head down “has it? I should have put an end to the fight between kauravas and Pandavas, but my allegiance to Kingdom made me a fool to think that I was on right track.”

Krishna says, “Power is a terrible thing, it is infatuous; you had power over many things but you chose to rather be with your kingdom even though knowing that it was wrong.”

Peetamaah “Yes looking back I think so. Hey Krishna look at the world all destroyed with terrible things, power in wrong hands, how unwise it is to think that we know it all.”

Krishna “Indeed, no one can know it all not even me. It solely depends on actions what its consequences will be. I can only know what individuals are and how can they act, I can tweak things but again taking the action is in the hands of the people, I cannot and will not do that for them.”

For the first time Peetamaah has a smile on his face one that says “Ohh I know what you are talking about” Laughing a little Peetamaah says to Krishna “defending are we, ourselves for not being accountable for the Great War.  You could have stopped the war, you could have avoided it. You the greatest know war is not the solution, it is not the end of anything, just destruction.”

Krishna smiles back and says “How easy for you to put blame on me. God creates and man destroys, why I should have to do anything when the actions of men brought them this day. It is the action that has consequences. I know what is right and wrong Peetamaah. But did Pandavas? Did Kauravas? And yes I would even question Pandavas. Draupadi was not some object that was thrown away in game of dice. She was a person and a woman of honor; it was wrong for Yudhistara to do so; and he did not have right to put his brothers at stake also. But he did and thus therein lays his weakness. But Pandavas suffered their fate, and Duryodhan had to suffer his. I was no one to stop the war, even though I tried my best, remember I came to Hastinapura with a peace message. But no one dared to stand in front of Duryodhan and accept it. So why blame me Peetamaah. Why me?”

The conversation will continue in the next part.

Part 2

PS: the above post is just a hypothetical scene.



Daily Prompt: Facade

via Daily Prompt: Facade
What lies in front does not necessarily presents what lies inside. The beautiful facade might just be deceptive. It is an age old argument that should we trust what we see? But experience shows that you need to dig deeper to understand what actually things are. It so happens that facade sometimes may just be a mask. Hence I would say beauty lies within. Facades can be well decorated, well built and they may just attract you just like a face of a beautiful woman. But what lies inside that smile, the struggle, the strive, the pain she has gone through, one needs to explore that to understand completely the smile that has been put on and not get swayed just by beauty of it. Because if one is not courageous enough to understand fully the soul that resides inside the facade than one must not proceed further.