Pleased to meet you!!

A budding writer has many thoughts in mind; he or she wants to let those put on paper anyhow, it is a mixture of feelings when you start writing for the first time, you are overwhelmed by how much you can write and you also want to see the reaction of people around you. Well similar is the case with the person who has written the following post. I was glad to publish it on my blog with an instruction of anonymity.


“Hello is for the first time that I am playing a role as a writer.. don’t have much of an experience.. but play every role in your life for the first time..

Well to Start with…while in our childhood we were  crazy about cartoon characters… there was name a few..but they were  a world to us…they took us to a different world..surrounded by lot of mischief.. care…laughter…and so on..

The way these characters make a series wonderful.. so are the characters which exists in our life.. I believe each person in life.. has a purpose to serve in our life.Our life would have been so bland without they add..and teach us the true meaning of life..

Some are dramatic..some romantic… some companions for the lifetime.. some are just there to make you realize your life.I meant in both ways…

I do have a lot of interesting characters in my life.. and they have their own uniqueness.. to add..but sometimes its difficult to manage
The game..the game I am referring here is about emotions… the battleground where..some emotions win where else some loose..

Every character symbolizes an emotion..connects you to it…influences your decision.. and that is when you are being unveiled to the realize your stand in their life..

Mind you..they also make you grow from within..with the experiences they bring on to the plate…

They bring in each and every emotion out of you…they make you live that moment..some are damn comforting well some are of extreme ends..

But you know what drives us to be with these people. is the sense of belonging…they make us feel that we have all the happiness in our world…they balance our life with the  essence of emotions  they have to offer us… they have the power to make us laugh and cry as well..bring the best and the worst out of us..

For I love to interact with ..unknown people..which some of my friends  bit risky….let it be the bus drivers..or the rickshawalas..or the tapriwala…to converse with them is a different experience.. they have a kind of unpolished touch which make them unique…..that innocence..that simplicity.. the way they see the world…their experiences..make us realize the soul within us…These people are just passersby.. but in journey of life the people around us family, friends, companions, partners are a connection for eternity.

Must say in the end life is a journey.. that gives us an opportunity to add as much essence we can to other’s life..”


Author: ajinkyaw

I am an Engineer by profession. Being an Engineer I am curious person; always trying to learn new things especially new technologies I believe life is passing through phases. Each phase teaches us something. The most important part is to have a purpose. Life without purpose is like body without soul. That is philosophy of my life. My interests include, travelling, exploring new places, trekking and other adventurous activities, reading, and various sports like chess, badminton and cricket.

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