5 getaway treks in Monsoon with Small Steps Adventures!!

5 getaway treks

Monsoons here!! Lush green mountains, milky white waterfalls, wet tracks of Sahyadri’s are about to shower its beauty.  The vast natural landscape personifies itself in monsoon season. Exhausted and tired from the hot sunny days, monsoon brings pleasure, and drains away all the heat from the body. The treks are getaways to enjoy this rainy season to the fullest and wander around in the natural beauty of mountains.

Following are the 5 easy treks to begin with your monsoon! Explore with Small Steps adventures

  • One Tree Hill

One tree hill

Well as the name suggests, one tree hill, where one can see only one tree on a hill literally! One tree hill is one of the points on Matheran, well Matheran is quite common destination for weekend trips; it has many points of amazement. Exploring further one tree hill is such point here. From one tree hill there is direct route to descend into valley and touchdown to base village. The nature begin to uncurl itself in Monsoon, to view it in its most beautiful form One tree Hill becomes one of the getaway trek in Monsoon.

Trek Category: Easy

        Base village: Ambevadi

Height:  Around 800 m (2625 feet)

Distance: 83 km from Mumbai

How to Reach: Local train till Karjat – from karjat local transport till base village – trek starts from here

  • Kalsubai


The peak of Maharashtra; How can that be missed in a climate that brings a different kind of thought process in you? Mind wonders in pleasant monsoon season, let it wonder and reach the top of Sahyadri’s and let your thoughts flow here. At summit there is a temple of local deity. The picturesque view from kalsubai is quite incredible. So Kalsubai is a much-needed getaway for Monsoon.

Trek category: Medium

Base village: Bari

Height: 1642 m (5400 feet)

Distance: from Mumbai 152 km

How to Reach: Local train till Kasara – from here local transport or jeeps till base village – trek starts from here

  • Peb Fort-Vikatgad:

Peb Fort

Well if you are ready for little adventure and mesmerizing views than definitely Peb fort should be your getaway in Monsoon. It is assumed that this fort derived its name Peb from the ‘Goddess Pebi’ at the base of the fort. It is said that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used the caves on the fort as silos for grain storage. This trek offers  waterfall, rock patches and dense forest on all sides. Situated near Matheran it is one of the common treks of the season. Gear up for this one and have a pleasant getaway.

Trek Category: Medium

Base village: Fanaswadi

Height: 640 m (2100 feet)

Distance from Mumbai:  52 km from Mumbai

 How to Reach: Local train till karjat – from Karjat reach neral – from Neral reach base    village Fanaswadi – trek starts from here

  • Karnala Fort:

Karnala Fort


An easy trek with a Jungle trail, consisting of a bird sanctuary Karnala trek is the most sought out treks in Monsoon. The fort’s feature is a 125 feet high basalt pillar; which was built as a watch tower. The fort has dilapidated structure. The trek also provides amazing views of nearby situated forts like Prabalgad, Chanderi, Matheran and Dronagiri. Rains and green nature makes the trail trek an enjoyable outing.

Trek Category: Easy

Base Village: Apta near Panvel

Height: 439 m (1440 feet)

Distance from Mumbai: 47.8 km

How to Reach: local train till Panvel – from Panvel local transport till base village – trek starts from here

  • Harishchandragad through Pachanai village route:


If you want to experience the concept “Nature is Beautiful”, then this trek must surely be on your cards this monsoon. Harishchandragad trek is generally a difficult trek via 2 other routes ‘Nalichi Vaat (most difficult)’ and ‘Tolarkhind-Khireshwar’ ; but the trek through Pachanai village is easy and gives an awesome view of nature. There are many waterfalls, ponds through this route. The major attractive points of Harishchandragad are ‘Konkan Kada’ ; a vertical cliff in a semicircular shape just is inexplicable and people fall in love with this point; the other are the Shiv Linga temple in cave being supported on 4 pillars out of which 3 are broken and only one is remaining whole. The cave is filled with icy cold water till waist length. ‘Taramati’ is the highest point on the fort and gives spectacular scenic view. Surely this trek should be a monsoon getaway.

Trek category: Easy

Base village: Pachnai

Height: 1294 m (4245.05 feet)

Distance from Mumbai: 201.8 km

How to Reach: local train to kasara – from kasara local transport till ghoti village – from ghoti reach Pachanai – trek starts from here


Pleased to meet you!!

A budding writer has many thoughts in mind; he or she wants to let those put on paper anyhow, it is a mixture of feelings when you start writing for the first time, you are overwhelmed by how much you can write and you also want to see the reaction of people around you. Well similar is the case with the person who has written the following post. I was glad to publish it on my blog with an instruction of anonymity.


“Hello folks..it is for the first time that I am playing a role as a writer.. don’t have much of an experience.. but well..you play every role in your life for the first time..

Well to Start with…while in our childhood we were  crazy about cartoon characters… there was Mickey..Donald..Minnie..to name a few..but they were  a world to us…they took us to a different world..surrounded by lot of mischief.. care…laughter…and so on..

The way these characters make a series wonderful.. so are the characters which exists in our life.. I believe each person in life.. has a purpose to serve in our life.Our life would have been so bland without them..as they add..and teach us the true meaning of life..

Some are dramatic..some romantic… some companions for the lifetime.. some are just there to make you realize your worth..in life.I meant in both ways…

I do have a lot of interesting characters in my life.. and they have their own uniqueness.. to add..but sometimes its difficult to manage
The game..the game I am referring here is about emotions… the battleground where..some emotions win where else some loose..

Every character symbolizes an emotion..connects you to it…influences your decision.. and that is when you are being unveiled to the world..you realize your stand in their life..

Mind you..they also make you grow from within..with the experiences they bring on to the plate…

They bring in each and every emotion out of you…they make you live that moment..some are damn comforting well some are of extreme ends..

But you know what drives us to be with these people. is the sense of belonging…they make us feel that we have all the happiness in our world…they balance our life with the  essence of emotions  they have to offer us… they have the power to make us laugh and cry as well..bring the best and the worst out of us..

For instance..as I love to interact with ..unknown people..which some of my friends think..is  bit risky….let it be the bus drivers..or the rickshawalas..or the tapriwala…to converse with them is a different experience.. they have a kind of unpolished touch which make them unique…..that innocence..that simplicity.. the way they see the world…their experiences..make us realize the soul within us…These people are just passersby.. but in journey of life the people around us family, friends, companions, partners are a connection for eternity.

Must say in the end life is a journey.. that gives us an opportunity to add as much essence we can to other’s life..”

Beautiful Souls!!

Innocence of childhood is the most beautiful thing in the world. One of the Saints of Maharashtra Saint Tukaram said “O Lord! give the childhood .” It has got its own quality of selflessness. That innocence is barred from any expectations and societal norms that we face as we grow old. This childhood innocence needs to be nourished and moulded in such a form that the youth that comes out of it has some purpose in life.  Therefore parenting is one of the most challenging things in the world. But the darker face of the world shows us that there are also those who are without parents; and are left alone. Tragedies are part of the world that we live in and worst amongst these is not having parents.

So what is the first thing that strikes you, when you hear the word orphans? Does it make you feel speechless; is there a twinge of pain in your heart! Yes would definitely be the answer. To understand, to realise this feeling we visited the orphanage which enriched our life.


The orphanages ironically try to generate as much happiness as they can. These places have a very different world from ours; mind you a happy one. Entering the orphanage we came across innocent smiles, twinkling eyes and brains that work beyond ours. It was a great experience to live with. It was sheer joy and happiness. Wonder about these little messengers, they convey beautiful messages about life with such an ease; each and every thought of them conveyed through their actions touches soul, without giving prior intimation to it.










These experiences move your heart. Sometimes it takes few hours to realize that there is a world beyond your normal routine; that there exist people who are living very differently than you and yet are very similar to you. Life teaches us many lessons, but observing other’s life is also a valuable experience. It takes us out of our naïve minds and expands our horizon. These visits change the perspective of looking towards life.

Ours visit was merely for 2 hours but it felt Invaluable time spent. Starting with the small introduction about the institute and the orphanage; then moving on to the introduction of children; it took us no time to mix with them and for them with us. We played different games with them throwing the balls into the glass from certain distance; hitting a target with a stick with band on eyes, while a team member gives the direction. They sang songs, they danced, and we danced with them. Doing these activities they surprised us with their thought. The attitude of doing things, whether achievable or not but standing confidently is something of a lesson for every one of us.  Each one of them had unique talent, someone was good at drawing, someone at painting, someone in singing, someone played cricket very well and so on. Some of the paintings and sketches shown to us were mesmerizing.
























A small session about the goals in your life was initiated; Every one of them confidently spelt what they want to be in their life. Doctor, Architect, Painter, Professor one of the girls said Optometrist!; wow if I could even spell that at her age. This made us realize that how strongly and confidently they are facing life and have set the purpose for it.   There is a constant effort to achieve goals, may what come. But they stay strong not because world is full of constraints but only because they have a dream.



















In the end while leaving it made us feel that ‘being there’ was most important thing for the orphanage and the children. They need encouragement, they need recognition. Surely we would continue to give it up to them. It felt not a visit to Orphanage but a meeting with ‘Beautiful Souls.’

The Orphanage we visited is ‘Balgram, Panchdeep Sankul’ it has been established in 1974 in Maharashtra and has many branches all over it. We visited the Khandeshwar branch, near Panvel active from 2002. The orphanage seems to be doing very fine work; all the children were enrolled in schools and had proper facilities.  The orphanage is run by trust and has successfully carved the children into men and women of society. Many of which have become successful in professional careers.


SPREADING the SMILE an initiative started by Small Steps Adventures is a welcome commitment to do social work, ‘a visit to orphanage.’ Yes it was a visit and not some material distribution program; although we did distribute few daily necessities.


Please see: The blog has been written with contribution from few of my friends for the content description.