Acting by Choice

Sitting across the table, gazing out of the window, with a coffee mug in my hand sometimes I feel I am thinking something deep, philosophical. How my life is taking turns, how it has come to this, failures, success, happy moments, sad moments, terrible, terrifying, well and many more verbs and adjectives. But at the end I realize all I do is measuring my life in terms of adjectives that do not mean anything in far above of everything where there is just eternity and nothing else. Why do we do that, why do we try to measure everything that happens to us, why can’t we just live as life goes  day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second. As said in Bhagwad Geeta by Lord Krishna just do your Work, just Act Right, and don’t think of whether you will succeed or fail. Well at the end of the trail of thoughts I feel stupid, I feel idiot to have thought all those things, because life does not change JUST by thinking, It changes when you act, when you make decisions.

But again one can’t stop thinking; one must not stop thinking because sometimes that is what makes us sane person. I always remember this one little thing; I travel by local trains in Mumbai extensively. I travel to my office daily, while returning I always find few poor children begging in that particular boogie, always the same ones. It’s true if you’re a regular traveler in Mumbai locals on any one route you may often find same poor people begging every day, it’s a fact! So coming back these small little children beg every day and I watch them, observe them, frankly speaking I sometimes give them money and sometimes I  don’t. But they move me. There’s a twinge of pain I feel every time when I see them. I just can’t imagine how they live, with few coins everyday what do they eat, what goals they can have. What ambitions they can achieve. What possibly is there life!!!! For some people it may be mundane thing but for me every day it is a painful experience.
Now when I juxtapose my situation and this situation , how do I even have a right to have those hypocritical fancy philosophical thoughts of measuring life’s parameter when there are people in this world who don’t even have privilege of sitting and thinking,  who have to beg for their food, who have to beg  for  shelter. Then I think we have been delinquent in upbringing such struggling people as a society. Sometimes I just can’t get acquiesce to the idea that I have to live my life and certain underprivileged class of people will have to live there’s. We as a society or I as a person hopes that someday there will be a balance in society   or such class of people will surely get help. But then sometimes HOPE is just amother fancy word.
Unless we inculcate on minds of one another that unless we stand up and help, that unless we as a society make decision that something needs to be done, I feel nothing will change. There has to be some conscious effort from us rather than just blaming the governance and government for it. Envisaging that “everything will be fine” picture at the end does not change present day’s fact. I feel that is the essence of ACTION as above mentioned lesson from Bhagwad Geeta. Yes you don’t worry about results, don’t expect them but it is our choice what work we do, what actions we take, decisions we make.
With this trail of memory I go back to the work I was doing. You know as they say in French c’est la vie, and life goes on. But I believe someday we have to change, we must; at least I will, by making right decision; right choice.